Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner Home Study Training Course

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Hypnotherapy NLP Home Study Course

Hypnotherapy Diploma NLP Practitioner Home Study Training Course

Accredited by the "British Association of Hypnotherapy NLP" (BAHN)


For those interested in the psychology of yourself, helping others, counselling, NLP, CBT, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, life coaching, self development and improvement then this is the course for you. Everybody and anybody can study this Hypnotherapy Diploma and NLP Practitioner home study training course; it is laid out in layman terms so those with no previous knowledge can still learn how to use the power of your own mind to enrich your life.

Even if you don’t want to be a professional practitioner, you can still take this course to understand yourself more, break negative habits and have unlimited confidence with the techniques being taught. You will also learn how to hypnotise your friends and family and the beneficial power of self hypnosis.


It is designed for those that cannot take time out to attend the diploma course at the therapy centre and it consist of everything you need to know on how to become a successful professional NLP/Hypnotherapy practitioner.



This course can be studied in your own free time from the comfort of your home, any where in the world.


With this hypnotherapy CBT NLP home study training course you get more for your investment as the course consists of:-


(a) Eleven audio hypnotherapy Mp3's with free copyright, this allows you to make copies on CD to sell to your clients to maximise your profits. For Stop smoking, Lose weight, Boost confidence, Stress relief, Improve study habits, Focus of concentration, Pre-talk and an induction backing track.

(b) A full written easy to understand e-book or printed book Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Course. After reading this you with have all the knowledge of the top hypnotherapist (NLP Practitioner) in the world.

(c) Detailed structures on how to successful conduct hypnotherapy sessions from the pre talk to the induction and therapy for stop smoking, lose weight, phobias, confidence, depression and more. Also many examples are shown from clients we have successfully treated.

(d) You can also listen to this course on your iPod, Mp3 player or using Windows Media Player which is ideal for those on the go and those with vision or reading challenges.

(e) Written exam, on passing a certificate is awarded which entitles the bearer to use the letters DHNLP after their name.

(f) Free postage Worldwide.

(g) Insurance document (£75 per year)


(h) Membership to the Institution which entitles you to free backup advice from members and the staff.



Course Content:

Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner the tools, techniques in detail from Beginner to Advanced
  • History of NLP Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
  • The human mind, how it works & the body connection.
  • The conscious and the subconscious mind.
  • The analytical or critical layer.
  • Subconscious mind’s re-programming.
  • What is reality?
  • Seven Important mind rules. 1)Ideas or thoughts result in physical reactions. 2)The mind delivers what we focus on. 3)Negative thoughts result in organic change over-time. 4)Imagination overpowers knowledge within in the mind 5)Fixed thoughts can only be replaced by another via the subconscious. 6)Opposing ideas cannot be held at the same time. 7)Conscious effort alone, results in opposite subconscious success.
  • Negative states of mind.
  • Neurosis and psychosis are distinct.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Psychopathic personality disorder.
  • Definition of Hypnosis.
  • Brain wave states, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.
  • Different ways of conducting therapy. Authoritarian,Permissive, Direct and Indirect.
  • The skills required as a Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner.
  • The stages to hypnotherapy client success -Trust from your abilities, Building and securing rapport, Focus of attention, Suggestion of sleep, The feedback loop effect from observation.
  • Rapport - The secret of how to influence others- Learn how to use your voice tone and tempo to gain rapport, even on the phone. How to disagree with others and yet keep rapport.
  • Learn how to tell how someone is thinking just by watching their eye movements.
  • Fright, fight or flight responses.
  • Coping response to stress.
  • Two main types of stress from two sources.
  • Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms.
  • Setting a schedule to overcome stress.
  • The connection between stress and weight gain.
  • Exercise reduces stress.
  • Techniques to reduce the build-up of stress, self Hypnosis.
  • Verbal psychology - Learn communication skills - Learn how to listen effectively to others everyday language to see how they limit themselves and how to change.
  • Subliminal messaging in speech.
  • Practice using hypnotic language skills.
  • Voice tone, volume and tempo.
  • Creating affirmations for positive change, words of truth and fact. Words of awareness. Focus of time. Assumed to exist. Commands.
  • Positive thinking affirmations about yourself, I am affirmations. Weight loss affirmations.
  • Psychology of nonverbal communication - body language skills.
  • Preparing for the therapy room.
  • Suggestibility test. Large weight and balloon test, script for large weight and balloon test, Lemon whistle test, Crystal pendulum, line and circle test, Magnetic fingers test, The fragrance test, Clockwise achievement test.
  • The key points and structure of inducing hypnotic trance via Progressive Relaxation Induction.
  • The following is said to the client to induce trance.
  • Shadowing CD (induction CD).
  • Hypnotic language patterns for deep trance.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Continue to induce trance. Deepening trance via staircase.Continue by deepening trance further via bed image.Continue by deepening trance further via body parts. Continue by deepening trance further if needed.
  • Hypnotic therapy session begins and ends.
  • Sensory Acuity - Identifying the level of trance a client is in. Different states of hypnosis. The waking state (Hypnoidal state), body warmth. The light trance state (Lethargic state), the facial colour change, eyelids movement in R.E.M, white of the eyes, increased lacrimation, reddening of the eyes. The medium state (Cataleptic state), the twitch and obvious movement. The deep state (Somnambulistic), scratching,Quasimodo effect, time distortion. Comatose state.
  • Neuro associative conditioning (NAC).
  • How the treatment of NAC works.
  • Abreactions.
  • Learn how to change the meaning you place on certain things and events.
  • Do you need to be an expert counsellor?
  • Understanding clients.
  • Conducting yourself in a professional ethical manner.
  • What to charge the client.
  • An explanation of different therapy treatments explained, Analytical Therapy - Hypnosis analysis, Suggestion Therapy, Free Association, Timeline therapy, Compelling future, Creative visualisation & Aversion therapy.
  • Seven steps to analytical therapy success.
  • Seven steps to suggestion therapy success.
  • Transference and Counter transference.
  • Rationalisation.
  • How to structure all types of successful hypnotherapy/NLP sessions from Stop Smoking, alcoholism, Weight loss, Fears & Phobias, Emotional problems, building confidence, self esteem and ego strengthening and many more.
  • Your client arriving for therapy to leaving.
  • Client questionnaire.
  • Interviewing a client. (pre talk)
  • “Yes set” and “reverse yes set” questions.
  • Relevant questions asked in pre talk with the client.
  • Induce trance - Tensed muscular progressive relaxation induction then deepening trance.
  • Boosting confidence within the client.
  • Pain and pleasure technique.
  • Anchoring good feeling association - Learn how to control your feelings and get into a positive resourceful state anytime, anywhere - Learn how to change yours and other peoples negative emotions to positive with a minute.
  • Improve overall confidence, via a thermometer to 100% successful.
  • Creative visualisation of removing the past.
  • Creative visualisation of future mirror image.
  • Post hypnotic suggestion.
  • End session by waking the client from trance.
  • Take home hypnotherapy CD.
  • Phobias session explained - Learn how to permanently remove any unwanted fears and phobias.
  • Confidence session explained - Release past negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, hurt and sadness quickly and effortlessly.
  • Weight loss session explained - Learn how to change unwanted habits, beliefs and feelings, including the desire for certain foods.
  • Stop Smoking session explained.
  • Hypnotherapy NLP at an advanced level.
  • The technical skill of script writing and how to word your own scripts. (Even though we supply scripts for you)
  • Improving memory.
  • Sexual problems in both the male and female.
  • Stress management and motivation training.
  • Sports peak performance.
  • Working with clients with life threatening illnesses, disease, chronic illnesses and pain control using hypnotic anaesthesia.
  • Psychosomatic illnesses.
  • Introduction into other areas of hypnosis. Forensic hypnosis regression, U.F.O. investigative hypnosis, Past life regression.
  • Summing up your new knowledge and your final lesson.
  • Misdirection technique or pattern break.
  • Your journey continues as this course ends.
  • Ongoing free support.

As you can see the course is vast and no other covers the subject in such detail. A Diploma of Hypnotherapy is awarded on completion of the course which entitles the bearer to use the letters DHNLP after their name.

By investing in this amazing course you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner. When buying today we will email you the course so that you can start to learn the new skills today. We will also mail the disk or book out to you today.

Be the best with hypnotherapy NLP Training Manchester UK via home study, sold Worldwide.



I think that this course was excellent; exactly what I was looking for, a bargain for the price, and a great investment in and for myself in the future. I have already used some of the techniques on people and many friends and family have asked me to help them stop smoking, loss weight, gain confidence etc. It is amazing how much information is so tightly packed in the training course book; it is amazingly comprehensive but in such a way that it spurs you on to improvise, adapt and utilize the skills based on the client you have before you. It demands that you use your own initiative. It challenges preconceived notions regarding NLP, hypnosis and therapy in general, condensing the huge amount of literature on the subject into a useable set of best methods and practice. It has taken me so long to return my exam because I read it three times to absorb the information! It uses wit, humour and a personal touch especially with the use of ‘dear student’ throughout the course and how you may use the techniques in real life situations using ‘Jedi mind tricks’ on certain types of people. It is written in an easy to remember, approachable, gently authoritative style which engages you from beginning to end. Every page is full of interest and captures your attention and forces you to think from beginning to end. I think David is a superb teacher and this course proves it. I am glad that I Googled ‘hypnosis home study course’ and that David’s website was at the top of the list. Many other NLP/hypnosis teachers act like super gurus with semi-magical powers (probably so they can justify charging exorbitant course fees!) but David shows that it is all a learnable skill well within the grasp of the beginner who applies themselves. I think you make certain very good decisions in life, some that change its course for the better: David’s course certainly does that.

My mother has suffered from stress related problems for years. I used merely David’s induction method and a few suggestions that she was now a relaxed person with no problems, which were in the past. The result was nothing short of miraculous. For the past week she has been a different person, calm and easy-going and everyone is shocked at the change. What a lifetime of doctors and psychiatrists failed to treat I did so within a maximum of twenty minutes using only a few of David’s techniques outlined in this fantastic course. Thank you David.

Terry - Surrey



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