Overcome your Fears or Phobias with Hypnotherapy


A phobia is an excessive or unreasonable fear reaction which is linked to an object, place or situation. Phobias are extremely common.


They develop usually after an incident in which our subconscious wrongly links fear to an object, place or situation.

To understand what a phobia is, it is first very important that you understand what a “startled response” is. Because it explains how some phobias began in the first place and in order to deal with a problem you must first understand it.

This is just one of many examples of how a phobia can develop, I will use spiders an example. If there is a sudden unexpected movement then everyone will jump as the body and mind focuses towards the new stimulus. So even the biggest fan of spiders would jump if a spider startled them, it’s a normal human response.

However a person that accepts spiders would quickly calm down after with the thought “oh it’s only a spider, it can’t do me any harm” and they would then laugh it off.

But if you were partially stressed by something totally unrelated to a spider like work or life in general, and then startled by a spider. Then the stress you already had would over flow into a startled response, and then in your mind the spider becomes associated with feels of panic, when in fact you were already stressed before you saw the spider but the startle response added to that.

If the startled response was intense enough your subconscious mind wrongly links spiders to the feeling of fear. So that in the future when you see a spider your subconscious again wrongly associated this fear to the spider due to the memory of the connection you wrongly created between the spider and fear, hence a phobia is born.

Basically any phobia is your mind wrongly identifying a startled response as a threat when in fact it isn’t or needn’t be. With the help of hypnosis you will begin to relax around the idea of spiders then the old artificial association disconnects leaving you free from the fear of spiders permanently or whatever your fear or phobia was.

The only reason you think you have a fear/phobia is because you know what happened the last time you saw the object, or was in a place or situation.

But that will never happen again after a session with a me as you will become aware of your own mind and responses.

When a person with a Phobia is in or even anticipates being in the situation, they experience immediate anxiety. The physical symptoms of anxiety may include increased heart rate (palpitations), shortness of breath, sweating, tight chest, and shaking. They also feel an intense fear of losing control, being embarrassed, or fainting. Our thought processes can actually make the phobic response worse as we often think about the situation and how it makes us feel before it happens. We imagine in our minds how terrible the event will be and usually see ourselves messing up.

An example of these thought processes would be when you would like to approach someone in a bar for instance and get to know them. If you are anxious about this then you will often play the scenario in your mind first. It usually goes something like this:- Oh he/she is gorgeous, I would like to get to know them better, but they are too good for me, look how good they look. They will probably laugh if I asked for a dance. I bet all his/her mates would laugh too. Then the rest of the pub would laugh or look at me.

You then imagine this happening. Such is the power of our imagination that this stops you from approaching the person. With these phobias the cause is explained more as a conditioned (learned) anxiety response which has become associated with the feared object, place or situation. Our subconscious mind links these feelings with the situations even if it’s imagined.

Well suffer no more!!



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