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  Introductory version of the Hypnotherapy NLP Practitioner Home Study Distant Learning Course

Also we offer a £20 three hour introduction into NLP- CBT - Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy Course. Contact us for more information. Limited places of seven people per free day so that more time can be spent with you as an individual. We offer this day so you can experience the quality of our courses from our teaching and we trust that you will want to continue onto a full course.

Testimonial from the free day course or after reading the Home course

I would like very much to continue to study, and complete the course with you, as I found you to be direct, knowledgeable (from practice not just theoretical), and most importantly enthusiastic, which is quite infectious.

Chris - Wales


Hello Dave I am wondering if you do call out courses.  The reason being i dont drive and am in the process of opening my new business.  I was hoping you may be able to do a one to one with me in my office and obviously will pay any additonal costs for travelling. There are courses in Manchester I could attend very easliy, but I had a feeling yours is much much better and I think if your going to do something you should have the best.  After all I will be doing this hopefully for a living and want to give people the best quality treatments to match all the other treatments I offer. I have trained with the best teachers so wish to continue this standard. Nicola - Manchester


Dave I thought the list of the contents were fantastic, it seemed to touch base in every subject and if packaged as well as its content, it should be a
marvellous course to learn the complicated subject of NLP with it's DVD or CD based and the manuals. A lot of thought must have gone into it, I
think from what I have seen you have a true masterpiece on your hands!!!. Take good care Dave, Paul - London


Book your FREE half day course introductory version

of the Hypnotherapy NLP Practitioner Home Study Distant Learning Course:

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We are happy to continue offering a selection of inspirational training courses in Hypnotherapy and NLP, training you to the highest possible level.

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